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I am very pleased to announce that my new publisher, Speaking Volumes Publishers, has just released my new book, A Tiger’s Heart. It fires the first salvo of my new series, The Jake Fleming Investigations, featuring a muckraking global investigative reporter by that name.

He is a member of not one, but two endangered species: newspaper journalists, and their places of employment.

Here’s a link directly to the publisher: Speaking Volumes should you wish to order the book.

I further invite my readers to visit (or revisit) my Tony Lowell Mysteries series. Five have been published to date (originally by St. Martin’s Press), and three thus far from Speaking Volumes: Hour of the Manatee, Eye of the Gator, and Night of the Panther. The first of this series, Hour of the Manatee, was winner of the St. Martin’s Press/P.I. Writers of America competition.

Lowell is an original: a war veteran who refuses to carry a weapon (this, I have learned, is true of most P.I.s in real life from an Author’s Guild Conference where I was doing book signings and giving a talk). He’s also an avid environmentalist, and smokes weed with his Creek Indian sidekick.

Here’s a link to order from the publisher for their editions: Speaking Volumes

For Lair of the Lizard, it’s available on Amazon

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Author of multiple mystery novels and thrillers, and a former screenwriter.

One thought on “Author E. C. Ayres

  1. Review from Barnes & Noble:

    ☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. · 4 days ago
    Great Treatment Of A Centuries-Old Question!

    A thoroughly enjoyable page-turner, but also a dramatic way of treating the Shakespeare authorship issue. I admit I am familiar with the research, so I know the Shakespeare parts are accurate, but the debate is brought to life in a compelling read. Of course the contemporary characters are fictitional, but that’s what makes it fun. I read it in two days.

    Review Contains Spoilers: No
    # Tags: Historically Accurate, Couldn’t Put It Down, Made Me Smarter
    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.


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